Specialising in
ENT disorders &
Head-Neck cancers

Including thyroid disease.


Providing diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat (ENT) disorders


Tonsillitis is a recurrent condition in young children that can be managed with ongoing treatment and potential surgical removal.

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Childhood Snoring

Sleep disorders can affect children from a young age, but getting the right treatment early on will allow them to sleep easy.

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Childhood Hearing Loss

Without professional care, your children may encounter learning and concentration problems due to hearing or ear complaints.

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Adult Hearing Loss

Many adults will have some element of hearing loss, which increases as you get older. We can help with this.

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Head-Neck Cancer

Aggressive new treatment and rehabilitation plans are personalised for each individual case to make a difference.

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Sinus Disease

Sinus problems affect a large percentage of people, but they are usually easily treatable with help from an ENT specialist.

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A Hamilton ENT Specialist You Can Trust

Backed by extensive training and experience, Dr Ebrahim provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of ENT disorders. Your ears, nose and throat are extremely important parts of your body, and when a problem occurs, it can make going about everyday life much more difficult.

Located at the Waikato DHB, Dr Ebrahim serves patients from Hamilton and the greater Waikato area. Whether you are suffering from allergies, sinus infections, snoring or hearing issues, or any ear, nose or throat related problem, Dr Ebrahim will determine the cause and offer a high level of specialty care for both adults and children.

When you visit the ENT clinic, you will be asked about your medical history, have a physical examination, and any additional tests required to reach diagnosis. A personalised treatment plan will be put into place so that you get the attention you deserve. With a special interest and expertise in head and neck cancers including thyroid disease, Dr Ebrahim offers hope and the best rehabilitation based on the most up to date research and techniques.

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